Sunday, January 20, 2013

New VociTach Android App with more than 1000 German words available

I just released an Android app containing an advanced version of VociTeach, the vocabulary trainer found in the German Podcast App. 
It contains all the words from the Podcast app and nearly 1000 of the most common German words as well.
You can find it by searching for VociTeach or following this link:

Main Features
- Contains about 1000 words in French, German, English, Spanish and Italian (each)
- Enter and edit entries
- Import/Export to .csv format
- Import data from many sources, eg.
- Learn mode, quiz mode, review mode
- High Score to motivate you or to play-learn in a group
- Learn anything you want. Foreign languages like French, Spanish or German, history data, geography, medical terms, etc.

See for more info and more screenshots.

You can use the export/import functions to easily edit the words, add vocabulary (or kick out my French, Spanish and Italian words :-).
The vocabulary contained in the app is translated by Google translate, by the way, so if there are errors: blame Google not me :-)

Happy German learning and a great 2013 to you all!

Stephan Wiesner

Bern, 20.01.2013

Saturday, February 25, 2012

German Podcast Android App Bugfixes

There are two bugs in the Android App which I fixed and which will force you to follow these steps to get the results:
- open any file browser and delete lessons 2 and 4
- restart the app and open those lessons from the app. The lessons will be downloaded again and all should be fine. You will NOT loose any data (cross my fingers)

The fixes are
- 2 Minute pause in lesson 2
- no vocabulary file in lesson 4 (see screenshot below)

By the way, if you are done with a lesson and need the space, you can just delete the .mp3 file. You will still have the lesson text, just no sound.

I did not udate the paid version. In fact I removed it from the market. There were just 6 people who bought it, so this is clearly not worth my time. If you want you can change to the free version and will still have the downloads. You can export/import your vocabulary if you want to keep it. If you are fine without lesson 2 there is no need to change the version.

Hope this works for you,
Luzern, 25.02.2012
Stephan Wiesner

Sunday, February 12, 2012

No iPhone App

Seems not many of you are interested in an iPhone app after all. The pay in advance trial did not work. I received a total of 43$ (THANKs to those of you who DID donate :-)
As promised I will donate it to the WWF.

By the way I did buy me an Macbook Air and an iPad. Still trying to get used to all those two/three finger combinations and finding keys like \ which are not writen on the keyboard (grrr!). And really shocked of the bad quality of the iPad display (compared to my Galaxy Note). Guess the one thing that is certain about the next iPad is the improved screen :-)

Luzern, 12.02.2012
Stephan Wiesner

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lesson 12 - Repetition

Todays German lesson is all about repetition. We will go through all that we have (hopefully) learned by now...

Luzern, 21.01.2012
Stephan Wiesner

Learn German Android App: Two Versions

I just uploaded an update to the Android app for the podcast. It contains several bugfixes, a new layout for the main menu, a direct link to this blog and . . . ads. Additionally there is a new app in the market that is ad free, but costs 1$. So if you feel you want to support me: Buy the app .-)
Google takes 30% by the way, so  it is not really going to finance my new house, but its a start.

If you are already working with the app and have a lot of learned vocabulary, you should be able to just export it from the old app and import it into the new one. You do not need to download the lessons again, both apps share the same data folder on your system.
If there are any issues, please contact me and I will try to help you. Please be fair it really takes a ton of work to ge an Android app running on most systems (and kind of impossible for ALL systems)...

Luzern, 21.01.2012
Stephan Wiesner